About me

David Boulter Musician and Composer

I was born in Nottingham, England.
At the end of 1990 I moved to London with Stuart Staples.
tindersticks began in 1992. With whom I’ve made around twenty studio albums and film soundtracks.
In 1998 I moved to Praha, Czech Republic.

My Passion for TV and film music began as a child. The wonderful Jazz and Folk tinged children’s television and film themes that still haunt me. Soundtracks to the romance and Hollywood musicals Mum cried over. The great adventures and spy movies I loved and acted out. All became an obsession. And ultimately a way to express myself in music too.

I have always believed a great soundtrack or theme becomes another character. Having it’s own identity, not just a way to enhance emotion or action.

Full history at tindersticks.co.uk

Soundtracks as tindersticks

‘Nanette Et Boni’ directed by Claire Denis 1996

‘Trouble Everyday’ directed by Claire Denis 2001

‘Trojan Horse’ Cosgrove Hall 2003

‘Tot Zeins! Klaus Verscheure and Danke’ La Pulse 2007

’35 Rhums’ directed by Claire Denis 2008

‘White Material’ directed by Claire Denis 2009

‘Les Salauds’ directed byClaire Denis 2014

‘Minute Bodies. The Intimate World Of Percy Smith.’ conceived by Stuart A Staples 2017

‘Sans Adieu’ directed by Christophe Agou 2017

Soundtracks as David Boulter

‘Mista’ – Radim Spacek 2014 (with Vasek Havelka)

‘From 5 Till 7’ – Vladimir Shcegolkov 2014

‘Full Contact’ – David Verbeek 2015

‘Five Nights In Maine’ – Maris Curan 2015

‘Pustina’ – Ivan Zacharias and Alice Nellis (HBO Czech Republic TV Series) 2016

‘Displaced’ – Volkan Uce 2017

‘AFCAE 29 Ans Fa Jeune’ – Public Short Film 2017

Notable TV use of tindersticks and David’s music

The Soprano’s’ – HBO

Brotherhood – HBO

Eastbound and Down – HBO

The Sins BBC

Versace fashion Show 2009

In 2009 tindersticks were commissioned to adapt their music for the ‘Versace Mens fashion’ show.
As well as their original music, a piece by Charlie Chaplin was reworked in the style of David’s ‘The Organist Entertains’.